Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Cookie Ornament Project

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! There are so many ways to get fine and gross motor skills into a session. This is an activity that was shared with me from one of our fantastic COTAs- Madison! Today's activity can be adapted to different skill levels and can be used for a wide range of classrooms.

Making Cinnamon Salt Dough ornaments requires a variety of skills: reading, measuring, sequencing, movements of the arms/fingers/hands, turn taking, making choices (which cookie cutter to use), using your senses (touch, vision, smelling, etc.), motor planning, core stability, and can be done at a standing station, standing on a wedge, or as a walking journey to separate stations. Please see the recipe below!

A few tips for this project:
1. You could read a book first like: "The Gingerbread Pirates"

2. Be sure to use enough flour so that the ornaments don't stick to the rolling pins or table
3. Be sure that the ornaments are thick enough when you use a cookie cutter so that they will hold up to the process. 
4. Bring a spatula to remove from the table so that the ornaments don't fall apart 
5. Bring a toothbrush for cleanup! (trust me, kids might get some of this stuck in their shoes!)
6. Allow at least 24-48 hours of drying time before you decorate!

Happy Holidays and Keep Moving!~ Movement Matters

Monday, November 19, 2018

Fun December Games!

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The Holiday Season is upon us! I love sharing fun ideas and games with kids that are "sneaky" work! Let's keep moving even when it's cold outside!

Here are some fun Reindeer Games to keep kids moving!
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1. Reindeer Runway (you will need tape to create a shape on the floor like a hop-scotch board)
a. Can be used for walking on a line, jumping, hopping, hop-scotch, side stepping

2. Feed the reindeer (you will need a hula hoop “feeding trough or bowl” and bean bags “food”)
a. Squat to move bean bags from outside the hoop to inside the hoop
b. Toss the bean bags into the hoop from 2’ away, 3’ away, etc.
c. Place the bean bag on your tummy and crab walk to hoop to place bean bag in the hoop

3. Sleigh Push or Pull (you will need a scooter board)
a. Can have student hold a jump rope and use their tummy/arms to turn the sleigh as you    pull them.
b. You can sit on the sleigh and let them push you.
c. Set up cones as an obstacle and have student move scooter through the course.

4. Reindeer Games (you will need antlers and reindeer cards)

Dasher                  Image result for reindeer images
Run in place 20 times
Dancer                 Image result for reindeer images
Tree Pose – try and hold for 3 seconds (make sure you do it on both sides) – they can have their foot on the floor to support them if needed
Donner                  Image result for reindeer images
20 Arm Circles
Blitzen      Image result for reindeer images            
10 Push ups or wall push ups
Comet               Image result for reindeer images   
20 Squats
Cupid               Image result for reindeer images    
10 Jumping Jacks
Prancer           Image result for reindeer images      
10 Hops on each foot
Vixen             Image result for reindeer images        
10 Crunches or Heel Reaches
Rudolph     Image result for reindeer images
Kid’s Choice!
Just keep moving! Movement Matters!
Whitney Carter PT, DPT